Create Final - Post #4

Today I finished the written responses. They went a lot smoother then I expected. I think do the explorer task earlier in the year really helped with that. I am a little confuse how to do the rectangle and oval on the coding but I'm sure I will figure it out.

Create Final - Post #3

Today I fixed the tiny problems I had in my code and made sure it could run over and over again to make sure there would be nothing wrong moving forward. Now I will move on to finish my writing responses.

Create Final - Post #2

I have decided that I had to change my plan a little for my code. I decided to create a score tracker instead. I then decided to use the add function while also using pickle to store the scores in a list. It took a while to figure out how I could do this. I then decided to use some of the colored printing to show what else we have learned this year.

Create Final - Post #1

Recently I have finished by a brainstorm and came up with my final decision on what my project will be. My project will be a scorecard generator for a golfer. It will tell you after every hole how many over par you are. I then completed 2a for the written portion of the project. I know that I still have a lot of work to get done but now that I have a routine for my schoolwork I feel more comfortable getting work done

Fuel Location Data

This website is used to educated people on what kind of fuel are being used in certain states in the country. A problem that could come up with using this website would be that there are too many data entries that you can't really tell the exact amount.The provided visual is useful because it gives us a sense of what kind of fuel is used in different parts of the country.The data is all the locations on a map that has these kinds of fuels close to you. The data is only for location in the US and Canada. These kinds of information are live because if the place runs out of fuel or is even shut down then the location will not appear on the map anymore.I consider this data "big" data because there are over 35,000 thousand entries on the map for the whole country. I feel like this is too much data to be organized correctly.

Ring Camera

I believe that the people that should be at fault for the failure of the Ring camera should be the manufactures and not the owners who bought the camera. From the lawsuit, they blame the manufactures that they failed to meet the most basic obligations with the Wi-Fi connections. Ring also only required it users to use basic passwords. I think this is crazy because these cameras are protecting your house and more importantly your family. The next step for the IoT industry has to be that they must many more security checks on their products before they put them on the market.

Mercedes Self Driving Car

I think that the way Mercedes is thinking with their self-driving cars is to limit the possible people you can blame for an accident. Their idea of the first priority of saving the driver could be good for their own company but for society as a whole can hurt a lot more people. Companies just need to come up with their own ideas like Mercedes so there can be different features in each companies self-driving car.