Ethical Data

I believe that the ownership and authorship of the data is one of the most important issues about ethical data collection. People taking ownership of the data makes people be more acountable for their data. 
The source that I used gives us a good summary of what data ownership is and the importance of it.  Data ownership refers to both the possession of and responsibility for information. Ownership implies power as well as control. The control of information includes not just the ability to access, create, modify, package, derive benefit from, sell or remove data, but also the right to assign these access privileges to others. It is important that researchers should clarify at the beginning of a project if data can or cannot be shared, under what circumstances, by and with whom, and for what purposes. There are some issues that come with data ownership. They are the paradigm of ownership, data hoarding, data ownership policies, the balance of obligations, and technology. 

Submarine Cables

1. Is it true that sharks biting the cables is a problem? It is one of the biggest myths in the recent press. It has happened before but it not a major problem.

2. Cables can break just by wearing out - but what are some other things that cause them to break? Fishing vessels and ships dragging anchors account for two-thirds of all cable faults.

3. Who uses submarine cables?  Everyone that lives in North America. 

4. How thick is a cable? The thickness of the cables is 25 mm. 

5. How does fiber-optic technology work with the cables? Lasers on one end fire at extremely rapid rates down thin glass fibers to receptors at the other end of the cable.

6. What did you find most interesting about the cables? The most interesting thing for me about these cables is that I would never have thought cables underneath the ocean help the communication around the world.


What is a protocol? A standard set of rules that allow electronic devices to communicate with each other.What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address? A numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. How is it organized hierarchically? It is organized hierarchically by each number is represented by bits.How many bits are in an IPv4 address?  32 bitsHow many IPv4 addresses does that mean there are?  4,294,967,296 IPv4 addresses.What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4?   IPv4 is a 32-bit binary number while IPv6 is 128-bit binary number address. Why do we need IPv6? To accommodate this increased demand by providing a much larger address space, along with improved traffic routing and better security.What is an IP packet? A formatted unit of data carried by a packet-switched network.What is the difference between an IP address and an IP Packet? An IP address is a sequence of numbers used to identify a device on …

The Seven Koans

The two koans that stick with me are Processing is Power and that Bits Move Faster than a Thought. Processing is Power comes from Moore's Law. Through the passing of time, the speed of processing bits has become faster and faster. The fastest computer in the world can do 1 trillion operations a second. Ths mazes me because I always think of computers being so slow and now I know they have to do so many operations to get to one site. Bits moving faster than thoughts is very interesting. Nowadays there are several communicating bits such as fiber, radio, and satellite signals. Now any of these three options can happen instantaneously. This just shows how much technology has improved over the years.  From our field trip seeing it take so long to get a message and now it get it instantaneously.

Field Trip

Field Trip

This is the antenna that the old-timers used to collect the passing audio information. The reason why I chose this item was that is was one of the most important pieces of equipment to receive audio during the World War. This piece of equipment had a huge significance to receive audio from across the ocean.
This the radiotelegram used to translate the coded sayings to something we can understand. The reason why I chose to take a picture of this was that it allows us to understand what people are saying when they try to say something we can't understand because it was in code. This piece of equipment had a huge significance in understanding what people were saying through the radio waves coming from across the continent. 

This is a transmitter that was used to connect through ships around the oceans. It was very cool watching the transmitter run because when it did all the lights flickered. I couldn't imagine how people could live through it when the lights would fl…

Coding in The Wild

The reason why I choose the topic coding in aviation is I love to go on vacation and I usually fly to go on vacation. Upcoming Thanksgiving, I will be flying out of the country to go on a one week vacation to Mexico. I think Zack's product would be especially important on flights that go to a layover destination for people going out of the country. Zack's company uses coding to help airline companies organize the massive amount of paperwork that gets passed around when airplanes need to swap out old parts. The most important thing that Zack needed to know was all the different coding languages.

Internet Challenges

The two challenges that I have chosen are that parents and teachers cannot create a reasonable working space for the kids to use the internet and we are not responsible for the using of the internet. I think students get distracted from their work because they are not always working in the right conditions. The student's society not being responsible is the main reason why teachers just don't trust kids with any non-academic technology devices. Personally, the biggest challenge for me is not being responsible with my technology. If I was more responsible with my technology I would get more work done and have better grades.